Theme of 2024 GLAC - A NEW GREEN ERA -

     The theme of the 2024 Global Landscape Architecture Conference on Sustainable Land Development and Environment is "A NEW GREEN ERA". The color green is a symbol of life and the heritage of nature. An environment with good ecological systems is the foundation for a better life and the common expectation of the people. In this new green era, we will witness and reinforce waves of green development that conform to nature and promote harmonious coexistence between man and nature. It is this sustainable high-quality development that achieves maximum economic and social benefits with the least cost on resources and the environment.

     The meaning of landscape development is not limited to creating visual aesthetics, it embodies many diverse values. In addition to expressing the local characteristics of a place's unique human history and natural scenery, it also highlights and carries its own self-evident nature. Core development concerns various phenomena presented in the development process of natural environment and social history to explore the relationship and interactions from coexistence between human beings and the natural environment. It specifically emphasizes that a living environment and places for human beings are all part of the same natural system network.

      The Taiwan Institute of Landscape Architects advocate a new green wave to deepen pragmatic cooperation and actively participate in environmental and climate governance, to implement the United Nations 2050 Agenda for Sustainable Development, promote global sustainable development, and jointly build a common ground for man and nature. This conference aims to bring together domestic and foreign experts and scholars, public and private schools and academic units in environmental and landscape-related fields, organizations and associations at all levels, government departments, professional groups, companies, and many more through academic presentations and special exhibitions. We will conduct academic discussions and professional technical exchanges on current landscape education and profession, landscape psychology and behavior, landscape planning and evaluation, landscape industry and management, landscape ecology and sustainability, etc. We look forward to the development process for Taiwan's environment and landscape. It will be of great benefit to a vigorous development in academia and industry on domestic environmental and landscape design.